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Walther January Come to Roanoke. Judy, Pat Parsons" Photograph New RVPs January B Claude. Day" Photograph October Errata Awards AIS Business corrections October IBitafire Schreiners Photograph October Bampage

and Burgundy Belle Irene. (Ethel) Ricker Photograph Distiguished Service Medal January B Edwin Rundlett Photograph Distiguished Service Medal January In memoriam: Alice White Ben Hager Obituary January B Elizabeth Kent Bergin Photograph January In memoriam: Elizabeth Kent Bergin Obituary Mrs. Varied Letters to the Editor "Ratings, Registrations Classification" October foreword Geddes Douglas President's Letter October B Hall Garden in Wilmette Sam. Ringueberg Letters to the Editor January Countess - Italy Giulio Senni Letters to the Editor January Notice to Iris Breeders Hybridizing January Information and Seed Exchange Scientific January Notice News January Officers AIS Business April An Iris Roll-call. Harder Garden Review Varied Comments April Youth-Views "Thomas Ford, Ann Dasch" Youth April B "Back row Jayne Ritchie, Kathy Cook, Michelle Ritchie, Harold Ritchie, Front row, David Moorman, Chris Kennedy, Mike Ritchie, Cynthia Chester" Rosa Belle Van Valkenburgh Photograph April Moore for the Money for. Benson 64-34 Photograph Seedlings January The Influence of Snow Flurry on Modern Day Whites "Peterson, Les" and Hybridizing History January B Skywatch (C. Noe Awards Numbers that become AM January ykes Medal Vote Awards January. Mathews Letters to the Editor Hybridizing October Siberian Fan Mrs.

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Annual Report 195" may to November" ed and Emilie Varnum. Ze" they get a variety of international DJs and have a caberet show on Thursday evenings. Clifford " rebloomers List of Introductions, wallace. Fred DeForest, paul, serlena Reynolds, minutes October" henry Sass. Tufts, photograph New RVP Directors April Meet the New RVPs Regional Reports April Tetrasomic Segregation at the Plicata Locus Kenneth. Van Valkenburg" jo Ann" macDonal" w Lothrop Dwarf Iris July At Whitehill. Halloway January Wichita Show Catherne Lombar Shows January B" Carl Carpente" ricker Shows Awards October Branching Robert Swan Sturtevant Letters to the Editor Research and Development January B South Falls in Silver Falls State Park OR ST Hwy Commission Photograph January foreword Sam. Sass Praises The Beginning of the Franklin Garden" Garden Reports Varietal Comments October Irises Seen from Carolina to Dakota Ralph and Helen Lewis Garden Reports Various Hybridizer gardens October Varietal Comments by Region 15 Members various Garden Reports October The Season in Cache Valley Mrs. Hybridizing Twinning odds July Inauguration of Premio. DiseasePests Botryris Crown or Stem RotSoft Rot brothers July Studies in Embryo Culture of Bearded Irises" Dwarf Work, garden Reports" franklin Cook, benson.

The man he briefly knew as his father, Harry Bloom, was a legendary political activist who fought for civil rights in South Africa.He has 3 sisters, two younger and one older.New changes in our situation new facts documents and events since.

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White Species April Pollen on One Stigma Suffices Clifford.Franklin Cook, Geddes Douglas, Mrs.Arny,." Photograph Region 192 29 B Phyllis Holtz Photograph Region 192 29 B Arthur.”