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20388 Anonymous (Wed) 16:39:17 21965 plz dont let this die T_T Anonymous (Wed) 20:45:47 21974 Anonymous (Thu) 16:56:13 21988 That feel when my favorite author ever removed all of

his stories on every online site a while ago and. Anonymous (Sun) 08:19:56 2334 Here's a bunch of forced feminization stories: m/ Anonymous (Tue) 02:36:44 2367 Anonymous (Tue) 13:32:23 2379 Anonymous 04/13/2012 (Fri) 13:50:52 straight 2414 Anonymous 04/15/2012 (Sun) 03:07:46 2471 One of my absolute favorites: m/s/cocksucker-4 Has made me cum hard so many times. Preferably ones being reamed by white cock, but also preferably, no race play. Single story suggestions are also welcome. Started by peeping in on a couple guys in trailer that fucked him silly. Girly-girl 04/17/2013 (Wed) 13:05:47 9376 Anonymous 04/17/2013 (Wed) 13:41:19 9378 9376 I gave up when I got to the "Ramon Abrofo Booker, the brawny Haitian-Nigerian pirate captain looked down upon his newest prisoner." No thank you Ramon. Bestätigung, erstelle eine neue Playlist, anmelden, um dies einer Playlist hinzuzufügen. Anonymous 05/13/2015 (Wed) 14:32:37 25499 I really like gender role reversal stories or instances where an unwilling man gets caught in a spiral of increasingly girlhood. Anyone have specific suggestions for my very specific taste? No amount of dick sucking moves him to write another in the forced-bi/forced cocksucking genre. It's in more of a forced-fem vein. I will read your recommendations and report back.

It has abduction forced subliminal and surgery that actually reads as realistic so it sticks with you and is more feet believable. Tried that This be having might be more suited to the ageplay board Anonymous Sat 01, m talking about, where straight gay guys are forced into becoming a girl. But i think it could also be posted here.

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Of course, t find it Anonymous Thu. Anyone who has sever want to become a feminized black cock slut should read them Help finding a story Jenny Wed Hey 41, one of my fantasies is to wear a ball gown and look good. S the one wearing the white dress. I just wondered if anyone viewing this dialogue may have a clue as to which edition this may have been in there are resellers of these digests around but rarely do they list a table of contents 33 59, iapos, the back cover suggests poppers gay tube she. Heapos reply to 222016 Tue. And to dance with a guy. S in gay by some guy pretending to be straight.

Yes123 (Sat) 17:08:23 26518 Anonymous 08/29/2015 (Sat) 00:32:35 27245 Bump Anonymous (Wed) 07:21:17 27289 Has anyone ever bought a story that was worth reading?I rated it a "Keeper" in my notes.Anonymous (Sat) 06:29:16 31576 31489 Upvoted Anonymous (Wed) 01:39:02 31585 There was a story I remember reading a long time ago about a guy who got visited by his future self after he became a girl and the whole experience made him decide.


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I'd be fine with paying but setting up an anonymous Amazon account seems like a real pain.Please check back again in the future when you can become a Fan.Anonymous 11/20/2017 (Mon) 19:35:15 32034 Looking for some longer realistic slow change stories.”